Patty Nehra

I was in terrible pain, went to see Dr. Aminlari for a root canal. He did an awesome job and has a great staff. I was so nervous, but they made me feel relaxed!

Kathleen Asheton

I was very nervous about having a root canal and canceled two appointments. I finally went in after being reassured by the staff,and David, who assisted Dr. Ali, during the procedure. David was very calming during the prep and made me feel very comfortable. And Dr. Ali's confidence and chair side manner was the best I've had in a dental office. He and David performed the service like a fine tuned stealth machine. Their team work was excellent and they wasted no time and I felt totally comfortable in their hands. Never thought I would walk out saying how great a root canal was!

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Virginia Gordan

Dr. Aminlari is excellent, and his office has state of the art equipment and a very relaxing atmosphere. He and his very helpful staff fit me in his schedule to deal with an urgent situation.

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Galen Paxton

Dr. Aminlari is extremely professional and truly an expert in his field. I was very nervous but he calmed my concerns and effectively fixed my tooth! No pain and I am a wuss when it comes to dental pain. His office is incredible and the staff are outstanding. Although I have not had a ton of experiences with having to go to an endodontist this experience was hands down fantastic. Best ever.

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Jennie St. John

Went in for a root canal and I was so nervous. The staff instantly made me feel so comfortable and talked to me and answered all my questions. The Dr and the assistant did such a wonderful job and it went by so fast. Hopefully I won't need anymore root canals, but if I do, I will go back here!

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Gretchen Kennard

Dr. Aminlari and his assistant made getting a root canal an easy and pain-free process. They explained the process and made sure I was fine throughout every step. Having the latest equipment, a new office facility, and friendly, considerate, knowledgeable staff added up to a very positive experience for me.

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Allyson Pitch

Dr. Aminlari and his staff were amazing. As someone that works in the dental field and has dental anxiety I will recommend this office to everyone. They were able to get me in right away and took great care of me. Very professional, caring, and helpful. The office is new and beautiful!

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Olivia Keywell

AMAZING is all I can say! I had a traumatic experience from a dentist that caused me to have oral surgery and a root canal. To be honest I was terrified to even be sitting in the chair. Dr. Aminlari and his staff were great. They were took into consideration my recent problems and helped me through every step. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a root canal. Hands down, best Endodontist!!

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Sam Nichols

Just leaving from a root canal procedure. I was very worried about there being pain and discomfort during he procedure, but it was not bad at all! Very quick and easy. Everyone there was very nice and professional as well.

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Pat Stemmerich

If you ever need a root canal this is the place to go. Immediate appointment. Wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff. The procedure was thoroughly explained in an understandable way. My comfort was of utmost importance, which I truly appreciated as I was in a lot of pain. I highly recommend.

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Arie Bates

Just had a great experience with A2 Endodontics. Dr. Aminlari and his assistant David were very professional and FAST! Not only was I able to get an appointment quickly but the procedure was quick and painless. Beautiful facilities, great staff, Best Endo office around!

Nicole Pietszak

The office is very nice the staff is wonderful and very helpful. The dentist is very awesome and helpful . he makes sure you are comfortable through out the whole time you are in his chair and after . I had to call the 24hr line and the dentist called me back within less then a hour. Very understanding. I can't say enough my vist was awesome I'm not one for the dentist but I do love my teeth and I'm working hard to keep them without A2 endontics for this root canal I wouldn t have my one tooth thankyou so much you all truly wonderful at this office

Inside joke: only thing I didn't like about the place was there was no candles. Lol. I kid...the place rocked. Massaging chairs, warm lavender scented towels, sunglasses, lip balm, beautiful view from your room, and high tech equipment. They won't stop until u feel no pain before your procedure. They took me in as a last min appointment and stayed after hours just to help me...and they were happy to help! They wanted to help me because they knew I was in pain. Super friendly and knowledgeable. They even had a bouquet of toothbrushes. Cute. U won't regret coming here, I promise. 😉

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Beth Dixon

Highly Recommend A2 Endodontics. The equipment is new, high-tech and barely felt numb afterwards, yet no pain. He did a completely thorough job, with his microscope and advance tools. Dr Aminlari and employees were courteous and professional. Its in a new office-very clean and comfortable. If you have to have a root canal, this is definitely the place to go. You feel like you're in good hands right away. Great location, across from Briarwood.

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Elliott H.

I've had a root canal and other procedures done at this practice. The staff and and doctors are very friendly, professional and genuine. Their office is very clean and welcoming. They use the latest technology and are very knowledgeable in their field. I highly recommend coming here.

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Mohammad Mustafa

Dr Ali gets 5stars he was great and professional . However, he has a assistance name David he was very rude he was disappointed that I have no pain I told him I took Motrin. I was very offended with his interrogation about my teeth And his comments when he took the xrays. I was shocked never felt unwelcome in a business like that ever. But please know that Dr Ali is the best Endodontist there in Ann arbor his knowledge and respect where amazing.

Anna Simpson

I was referred to Dr. Aminlari for a root canal evaluation and was super nervous, as I really didn't want a root canal! I spoke to Alyssa a few times to get my insurance figured out and she took care of everything so professionally and compassionately. I met with Dr. Aminlari and David today for my evaluation and Dr. Aminlari was able to figure out the cause of my pain and cold sensitivity without needing a root canal, explained exactly why it was happening, and everything he was going to do. I was blown away by how wonderful everyone at A2 Endo was, they're a great team and really seem like they just want you to feel better, root canal or literally anything they can do to avoid it. David even called the next day to make sure the pain I'd been experiencing for months was subsiding like I thought it was in the office and it's just wonderful to work with people who so clearly care about their work and their patients. Thank you all again!!!

Maranda D

Amazing, friendly and completely professional staff and atmosphere... everyone was awesome!! Dr. Aminlari and David were so great, even explaining the procedures all making sure I was comfortable!!

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Kristen Smith

Just excellent in all respects. The doctor was thorough and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Support staff members were courteous and efficient. It was honestly an enjoyable experience.

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Aaron Davidson

Can you have a great time getting a root canal done? Well I did. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing. Great selection of music and the doctor and staff were patient and warm. There were nothing but smiles. I received excellent work and I am very happy with the results. The five stars are much deserved! Well done A2 Endodontics!